Monday, April 25, 2016

800-961-1963-How to Change Outlook's Default Font

Microsoft Outlook does have default settings that allow you to personalize the email application in the way you prefer. If we compare the application with other ones, Outlook appears to be more flexible and modifiable email client. Even after much control over the way how Outlook appears, several users still look for more control – particularly, they want to change Outlook’s default font size.

In Outlook, the default font which is used when you compose, respond to, or forward an email message is 11-point Calibri. If you don’t like the default font size and colors in Outlook, you can easily change it by following some methods mentioned below:

Change the default font style for new email you want to send recipients:

·        Go to the File tab.
·        Hit on Options.
·        Click Mail.
·        Go to the Stationery and Fonts under the Compose messages.
·        Click on the Personal Stationery tab, and go to Font.
·        On the Font tab, under Font, select the font what you wish to make for all new email messages.
·        Click OK on the Font, and thus you have now changed the font size

After changing the font size, you can start composing new message so as to check if the changes are working. In case you encounter any technical problems, you should access technical assistance from Outlook help page to get the issues fixed immediately.

Change the font style that you want to respond to or forward the message:

·        Go to the File tab.
·        Select Options.
·        Select Mail.
·        Go to the Stationary and Fonts under Compose messages,
·        Go to the Personal Stationery option and select Font under Replying or forwarding messages,
·        In the Font tab, you can change the font style what you prefer for your future email message.
·        Click OK on the Font to set it as default font style

So, changing font style and size does involve any complicated techniques – you can simply do it on your own. It depends on your personal taste and preferences that what you want to see in your email message. Yet you should be prepared to fight with all types of situations that may come across your way at any point in time. Outlook help number delivers tech support for all the potential technical errors what you may encounter.

You would better be in touch with experienced technicians who can help you overcome the technical problems that can stop you from changing default settings in your Outlook email client application.  

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