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888-606-4841- Fix Outlook Problems/Errors Like ‘Not Opening’, ‘No Message Options Visible’ & ‘Restore Contacts’

  1. My Outlook Will Not Start
If you are not able to open your Outlook account, then there’s no need to panic, though. While it might sound like a significant error, the “Cannot start Microsoft Outlook” problem is an effortlessly fixable one. Just follow these common solutions and you’ll be back in your inbox in no time. The fixes work in all versions of Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007 and prior versions applicable on all systems. For this, you can also contact Outlook to fix not opening problem by getting certified technicians to help fix Outlook errors from a reliable technical support providing company, like Intelli Atlas, and get customized support for the same.
Here is a step by step process to get Outlook work again.
First of all, disable all extra add-ons to establish if there are any corrupted files, preferences or add-ins. It is the equivalent to starting your computer in safe mode.
  • Mouse Method>Hold the CTRL button > Taping the Outlook shortcut.
  • Command Line Method>Start > "search programs and files>or Start > Run [Windows XP] >Type: outlook.exe /safe.

  1. Outlook Message Options: File tab Selected and Ribbon Not Visible
When you start some of the programs in your Microsoft Office system, you may be astonished by what you see. The menu and toolbars in some programs have been replaced with the Ribbon, which is part of the Microsoft Office user interface. The Ribbon is designed in such a manner to help users to quickly find the Outlook commands you require to complete a task. The Ribbon is designed to give users a faster access to a variety of which they are using by grouping them together in an easy to understand and easy to access format. Some users of the Microsoft Office suite are experiencing some Outlook issues in using the Ribbon so Microsoft gave them the ability to minimize the Ribbon option and display only the menu tabs in their Outlook account. In case you are not able to minimize ribbon option in your Outlook account, then you can dial Outlook customer service support phone number to resolve the issue frequently.
Intelli Atlas is of the emerging names in the field of technical support providing companies. For any type of Microsoft Outlook help, you can contact this company and get relevant Outlook solutions for the same.
By minimizing ribbon, it will hide all the text that it contains. The main drawback of minimizing the Ribbon is that each time you open an email message in Outlook; it will automatically open by File tab with no options of Reply or Forward until you Tap on the Message tab. For this issue Outlook customer support offers help services if Outlook message options disappeared or not visible in an efficient manner. Read more at
  1. How to Restore Missing Contacts in Outlook 2016
The file of contacts that you have saved in your Microsoft Outlook 2016 folder can be a very precious commodity, chiefly in case you are working in sales or marketing. Many of these saved contacts might be customers, clients, or important people in your industry and being able to contact them could mean an amplified product visibility or a sales commission for your work. If you are not able to locate a particular person in your Outlook email address book, then there are a number of different places you can gaze for to find lost contacts in Outlook 2016. For this, you can also dial Outlook tech help phone number which gives instant access to Outlook phone support services instantly to resolve Outlook contact missing issues with the help of certified technicians.
This behavior occurs because Microsoft Outlook wants its users to complete the following steps before their contact information is available for you to address messages by using your address book:
  • To install the Outlook Address Book service.
  • Simply mark your contact folder for use with your address book and
  • Identify either an e-mail address or a fax number for each item that you want to appear when you address messages.
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